STERLING SEISMIC SERVICES has been structured and organized around a group of highly motivated, technically sound geophysical data processors with the latest software and massive computational power at their disposal. Our processors recognize the need for commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether it is the need for urgent processing of current shooting, or reprocessing of data to confirm a lead, our staff will provide the technical expertise, innovation, and attention to detail required to meet your objectives.

At STERLING we have a stable, talented staff of Geophysicists, most with over 20 years of diversified 2D/3D geophysical experience. We employ flexible processing strategies because we understand that processing flows need to be tailored to individual datasets. We encourage our clients to offer insights into the nuances of the geology in the project area so that we can optimize the processing strategy. We are very receptive to the challenges of promoting new technology. Generally there are no additional costs for adapting and customizing the data processing flows to meet the needs of our clients.

Our processors provide the same high degree of quality service to all projects, be it a small 2D project or a very large 3D dataset. Challenging projects are met with over 200 years of cumulative geophysical experience resident in our office. We are a full service data processing contractor with experience in land, marine, and transition zone environments.

STERLING SEISMIC SERVICES continued success and growth has come as a direct result of referrals from over 300 companies and individuals who have relied on our cooperative efforts to further their exploration objectives.